About Don't Bottle It Up

DontBottleItUp allows you to work out what level of risk you are at as a result of your drinking, to access personalised advice online and, where appropriate, find out where you can get face-to-face support locally.  Where your local area has not added it's local support service information, you will be directed to the NHS alcohol service directory.

DontBottleItUp allows people to complete the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1982 as a simple way to identify people who are at risk of harm as a result of their drinking.

The AUDIT questionnaire identifies the preliminary signs of risky drinking and mild dependence experienced within the last year.  It is one of the most accurate ways to identify risky drinking available and has been rated 92% effective in detecting risky drinking.  Unlike some alcohol screening tests, the AUDIT has proven to be accurate across all ethnic and gender groups.

The test contains ten multiple choice questions on the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption, drinking behaviour and alcohol-related problems or reactions.  On average, it should take only two minutes to complete.

Blenheim, a charity working with people who have alcohol- and drug-related issues, delivers DontBottleItUp.  DontBottleItUp was originally set up by HAGA, the alcohol action charity, which merged with Blenheim in 2018. Find out more.