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*All names have been changed.

“DontBottleItUp gives you a really good insight into your drinking behaviour without being given a guilt-trip.  I completed the AUDIT test based on my drinking habits before I started my no-drinking in January challenge with alarming results.   I fell into the highest risk category and looking at the long-term health effects is a sobering thought (no pun intended!)”  Bill*
“I've cut alcohol out completely now.  I was very stressed finishing university and looking at DontBottleItUp made me realise that I wasn't doing myself any favours using alcohol to try to cope with that.  I am happy without alcohol now!” Carina*
“I found the website extremely helpful, informative and very easy to use.  I was able to get my friend to acknowledge that she had an alcohol problem without embarrassing her or feeling like I was judging her … it gives the user the ability to confidentially undertake the 'test' in their own time, in their own home and … gives them time to digest their results and then obviously, if necessary, seek help, which is what she's done - so thank you.”  Pat*
“It was easy to find and got me to face up to my drinking.  I have stopped altogether now and got a puppy which means I am thinking about him instead of drinking.  I am going to try by myself but may go to my local alcohol service if I need help in the future.”  Sam*