If you’re looking for help and support when it comes to alcohol, then we recommend you look at our quick, confidential alcohol test. Completing this (it only takes a couple of minutes) can determine the level of help and support you require.

Speaking to a health professional

If you’re not alcohol dependent then giving up or reducing your alcohol intake can be done on your own. Although help from a trusted friend or a GP or nurse will help too.

Our alcohol test can help create a plan to cut down that works for you. You can print (or email) this plan to help you stay on track.

Additional help and support

If you’ve already tried cutting down your drinking alone and would like additional help and support, there are plenty of options. Your GP or nurse can pass on details of what support is available in your local area.

Local alcohol services

Local alcohol services may be associated with people who are alcohol dependent but in reality they can offer you (or will know where to get) specialist support. Alcoholics Anonymous or “AA” is also a great place to speak to, and get support from, other people who have cut down or stopped drinking completely.

Worried you may be alcohol dependent?

If you think you may be dependent on alcohol you should arrange to speak to your GP, nurse or an alcohol specialist today.


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